Date: 12th January 2015 at 6:24pm
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Last year I got the impression that Amir Khan wasted far too much time trying to get Floyd Mayweather Junior into the ring.

From the minute that Mayweather ignored the result of his poll as to who he should fight next, you just knew Amir was wasting his time.

This year, on the back of a pretty decent win over Devon Alexander, Amir is playing a different game this. It doesn?t seem as if Khan is giving Mayweather to much time to make his mind up, instead Khan has admitted he?s looking at other options and he?s been bold enough to give Mayweather a five day deadline to agree to a fight, or he moves on to Plan B, or as Amir puts it,

?It?s a waiting game. I?ve given his team five days. I need to know this week because I need to start training,?

?I?ve answered all the things Mayweather wanted me to do. He wanted me to fight at welterweight, I did that; he wanted to do a vote [to see who he would fight], I won the vote; he wanted me to beat a top guy in the division and I gave Devon Alexander a beating he?d never had before.?

Now what happens may surprise me but I wouldn?t bet my house on Mayweather playing the slightest bit of notice to Khan?s threat, how about you?