Date: 8th March 2014 at 11:50am
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With the date and now the venue sorted for what promises to be an epic re-match between Carl Froch and George Groves, it?ll be interesting to see if Groves words can unsettle Froch again.

For the initial fight it seemed that Groves? ability to verbally spar with Froch unsettled the champion and in one eye-to-eye encounter, on Sky Sports Ringside programme, Froch couldn?t look at Groves and gave the indication he felt most uncomfortable.

Groves, keen to put the record books straight, has spoken about unsettling Froch with a few verbal comments again, remarking,

?I love having a little verbal spat with Carl because when he is threatened he spits out his dummy.?

?He stops making sense, he starts contradicting himself and he starts relying on cliches and pre-rehearsed scripts. He?s not proactive, he?s not even reactive. He?s just set in his ways and for him a verbal battle must be soul-destroying. If I was Carl I wouldn?t be looking forward to any confrontation with me ? especially the ones that don?t have gloves in!?

Will Groves get under Froch?s skin again, I believe he will, how about you?