Date: 16th January 2015 at 3:26pm
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The big heavyweight showdown between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne is almost upon us and both fighters had plenty to say at the final press conference.

Wilder, who is set to earn a $1 million for his efforts, was his usual bullish self, almost trying to scare Stiverne with his trash talk and unbeaten and explosive record, remarking to the challenger,

?I aint never been so ready to whup another man,?

?Stiverne just a tourist? with the belt. I?m about to send this Haitian, on permanent vacation. Everyone has been talking for you, but they can?t fight for you. You don?t understand what is coming. I ain?t scared to talk. I?m going to back it up. I?m ready. Watch me pass my test. I promise you I will do it. This is my time. This is my purpose. I have never been so ready to whoop a man in my life. This is real. I don?t play. It?s been a long journey. Many people wrote me off long ago and still are. I like that.?

Stiverne, usually a mild mannered cool, calm and collected fighter was having none of that and responded with,

?After this fight, you will never ever hear about the Bronze Bomber again.

?You better shut up. The champ is talking. You had your time. I?m gonna whoop you, boy! I?m gonna keep your record clean. You ain?t getting past the 4th round. You gonna get hurt! I ain?t a cab driver. I ain?t a one hit wonder. This is the real deal. This belt here ain?t going nowhere. I don?t worry about how I go in the ring. I worry about how I get out the ring.?

This one is really shaping up into a classic and they?ve not even climbed into the ring yet!