Date: 25th November 2013 at 4:22pm
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As I said yesterday, in an article, I have my doubts about whether there will actually be a re-match between Carl Froch and George Groves.

Something tells me that whilst there is no doubt that Groves deserves a re-match, George is now of the opinion that the aging champion will not, despite all his bluster, choose to get in the ring with him.

Speaking about how he views the subject of a re-match, the morning after the fight, Groves remarked about Froch saying,

?Let?s have a rematch? at ringside but I think he said it just to get a cheer from the crowd.?

?He probably doesn?t believe he wants a rematch.?

?I deserve one after everything I put up with. It was an unfair and unjust decision and if Carl does decide to box on, his next fight should be against me.?

Which, to me, makes perfect sense, Groves surprised many on Saturday night and his valiant effort deserves to see him give another chance, even more so with the controversial ending.

But, listening to Froch, away from the ringside post the fight, those nagging doubts that a re-match won?t happen surface, with Froch having remarked,

?I think I?m in a position where I don?t have to give anyone a rematch.?

?I have fought everyone and anybody and will fight anybody.?

?Groves was mandatory for the IBF and he is a very good fighter ? but he got stopped in round nine.?

?I can?t be blamed, George can?t be blamed and the referee can?t be argued with because I beat him.?

?Re-match? I?ll fight anybody if it makes sense and the people want to see it.?

What tilts it for me, is that first line, is it a clear indication that Froch isn?t too keen on engaging with Groves again?

If that?s the case, it?s difficult to see who Froch will take on next, Andre Ward would, wherever the fight takes place be too good for the aging Froch, a third fight against Kessler wouldn?t have the same appeal, which takes us back to the one creditable opponent that would sell a huge arena out ? that opponent being none other than George Groves!