Date: 27th November 2013 at 7:20pm
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In the aftermath of Carl Froch?s controversial stoppage win over George Groves, all the talk is of who Froch will fight next.

Groves, quite rightly, has intimated that Froch will lose all re0psect if he doesn?t give him a re-match but could Froch, knowing Groves will be extremely hungry to put the record straight, opt for another opponent?

Well, across the pond, a certain Andre Ward, having made his own comeback after time out with a shoulder injury, has his own thoughts on fighting Groves (probably licking his lips at the prospect of an easy nights? work) and has remarked to the British media,

‘From a legacy standpoint, Froch needs me more than I need him.?

‘I can go off and fight other guys and never mention Carl Froch’s name again.’

‘I’m not concerned about fighting in front of his fans, but it is about not getting a fair shake. I’ve realistic concerns.?

‘Like I said, it’s my legacy at stake if he didn’t beat me, but if something happens like in the Groves fight then that is tough to live down. It’s a lot of moving pieces.’

After Saturday night I can sympathize with Andre?s point of view. There was a time when British fighters used to get the rough end of a decision on the continent, is that what is happening to fight?s on our own shores?

Your points of view would be most appreciated.