Date: 6th June 2017 at 5:44pm
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I?m still of the opinion that if Cus D?Amato hadn?t have passed away when he did, Mike Tyson would be recalled as the greatest heavyweight in history.

But the fact remains that Tyson, the youngest heavyweight world champion the world has seen was still an awesome fighter with devastating power.

Therefore, as somebody who has been at the top of his profession, it?s great to hear his views on our own heavyweight champ, Anthony Joshua.

Tyson, talking to the BBC, had this to say about AJ, after watching him beat Wladimir Klitschko recently,

‘Joshua has the potential to do a lot of things.

‘He’s got the look and throws a lot of hard punches. But there is so much pressure on him. I was in Dubai and there are big posters of him there.’

However, Tyson now fifty, had a few words of warning for AJ, further adding,

‘The heavyweight championship will drive people crazy, you know that right? It’s like a crown of thorns. Everyone wants to use you for something. It’s like being the President of the United States.

‘Joshua can’t get the big head. He has to focus on fighting. When you start focusing on money, girls or whatever it is, it’s going downhill. No religion, nothing, you can do those things when the fight is over. Let’s see if he can handle that stuff.

‘It’s his time. I could be wrong, I’m not the gospel of boxing but he impressed me with Klitschko.’

Some wise words there from a fighter who had us all enthralled as he marched to the top of the heavyweight division in such thrilling style.