Date: 26th July 2015 at 12:48pm
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October 24th, in Dusseldorf , Tyson Fury will get his chance to live up to his promise of becoming the heavyweight champion of the world.

The long awaited fight against the multi-belted Wladimir Klitschko is fast approaching and as you?d expect Tyson remains supremely confident about his chances of living up to that promise.

Talking to the media, and as quoted in The Sun on Sunday, Tyson oozes confidence and is of the opinion that his time is nigh, remarking,

?The only thing I have to be careful of is the ref, with holding and all that stuff.

?Every time we get in close and he says ?break? and starts warning me and taking points off, that?s one thing to be careful of.

?But there could be 55 referees in the ring – it doesn?t matter.

?It?s a fight and Klitschko has to fight sooner or later, whether it?s in round two, five or ten. The referee nor anyone else can help him when we?re in the ring.?

Continuing, Tyson goes on to have his say about the fact Klitschko will be inviting Anthony Joshua to participate in his training camp preparations, further adding,

?They probably will call him in.

?They?re like super best mates aren?t they?

?They?ve already vowed not to fight each other and all that rubbish. Is there a love affair going on there or something??

Now there are those out there who are of the opinion that Tyson will find it tough against the champion and that his dream will come to an end but one thing is for sure, Tyson will ensure the build-up to what will be a memorable occasion, will be second to none.