Date: 26th May 2016 at 4:47pm
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Something we?ve touched on before that relates to the forthcoming Olympics, in Brazil, has reared its head again.

Previously we?ve covered the suggestion that professional boxers might, if a vote gets approval next week, be allowed to box their amateur counterparts in the 2016 Olympic boxing tournament.

Several boxers have expressed disbelief that something like this is even being considered, wary of the fact that some of the professionals might cause damage to their amateur counterparts.

However, one of the biggest names in Boxing history, Mike Tyson, has expressed his disappointment but through an alternative viewpoint with the youngest ever heavyweight champion of the world, now 49-years-old, remarking,

?It?s ridiculous, it?s foolish and some of the pro-fighters are going to get beat by the amateurs.

?If they are like the amateurs I was fighting in the 80?s they are gonna beat some champions.

?These guys will be so fast for three rounds and some of the professional boxers are not going to be able to catch them. They are not used to that.?

An interesting viewpoint, but what are your views, should professional boxers be allowed to fight their amateur counterparts in the Olympic tournament?