Date: 26th July 2014 at 11:22am
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After seeing his fighting ambitions severely restricted over the past two years, due to his opponents withdrawing through injury, Tyson Fury steps into the ring against a very creditable opponent.

However with Alexander Ustinov in the opposite corner, Fury has a suspicion that Ustinov is the opponent he has been set up to fight all along.

On the eve of the fight, Fury has remarked, about the circumstances in which he has come to be facing Ustinov,

?I got a message late on Thursday night to tell me Ustinov has been in training for the past eight weeks.?

?He is not a late replacement for Chisora as far as I?m concerned.?

?There?s people out there trying to get rid of me because they know I am the future world heavyweight champion and they don?t want it to happen.?

?They are hoping I lose against Ustinov but it ain?t happening.?

?There is definitely a conspiracy against me. I do not think Chisora ever had any intention of fighting me.?

?Look at the shape Ustinov is on. That is not the physique of someone who has stepped in at late notice ? but a fighter who has been doing plenty of work for a long time.?

Is Fury right or is he being a little paranoid?

Although I?d have to suggest that nothing would surprise me in this sport of ours anymore!