Date: 24th November 2015 at 7:19pm
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Well that was strange!

There everybody was, hanging on to every word that David Haye was uttering about his heavyweight comeback on 16th January 2016, when suddenly everything comes to a halt.

Now I know, sometimes, there can be a pause when a promoter opens the news conference out to the floor, us journalists can be at times a little hesitant to take the lead, but I?ve never seen a conference ended so quickly with the promoter remarking,

‘Any questions?’ he asks? ‘No? Ok We’ll wrap it up then.’

By my timing we had two seconds to ask that crucial question that might have gotten the news conference really going.

So, with the opportunity lost, I?ve three questions I?d liked to have asked.

1 – Will you be ringside to see Klitschko take on Fury this Saturday and, if so, who do you expect to win?

2 – If everything goes okay in your comeback fight, how long before you consider you?ll be ready for a tilt at the heavyweight title?

3 – What?s your take on the emerging British talent in the division?

Any chance of some answers David?