Date: 2nd October 2014 at 5:15pm
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In the press conference held yesterday, Tony Bellew threatened to punch Nathan Cleverly into retirement.

In verbal exchanges that seem to be the norm these days, Bellew inferred he?d been waiting to get revenge for the defeat Cleverly inflicted on him some three years ago.

But could defeat for either boxer spell the end, Cleverly, talking to the press hints that might be the case, commenting to the media,

‘The loser? Who knows, maybe it’s time to walk away.?

‘The winner goes on to fight for the world title. It’s a massive opportunity.?

‘There’s so much on the line in this fight and I can’t afford anything else.?

‘It’s a must win and I will give it everything. I will give it absolutely everything to take this guy down.’

What?s your verdict?

Will defeat signal the end of either fighter?s career?