Date: 29th March 2016 at 4:40pm
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Three days after the events of Saturday night, whereby Nick Blackwell was rushed to hospital and put into a coma suffering from a bleed on the brain, the inquest into why it happened still rages.

Several people have stepped forward and offered their opinions on the series of events.

One such person is Peter Hamlyn the renowned neurosurgeon who operated on the unfortunate Michael Watson after he suffered a brain injury during his fight with Chris Eubank Snr back in 1991.

Peter Hamlyn is of the opinion that the fight should have been stopped earlier than it was with the neurosurgeon remarking about the Blackwell incident,

?He was badly beaten from the get-go.

?In the seventh round it would have been entirely legitimate to stop the fight. He didn?t land more than two significant punches on Eubank but received dozens and dozens.

?If you look at Blackwell?s head, every time he gets one of those, it snaps backwards.

?He had no chance of winning. What was he going on for??

A very good summary of the events of Saturday night but Blackwell, every time it looked as if the fight might be stopped unleashed a few punches of his own.

Continuing on the theme, the British Boxing Board of Control general secretary Robert Smith has confirmed that everything was in order medical facility wise commenting,

?We have everything in place as best we can but we?re never going to make it 100 per cent safe. We have anaesthetists, paramedics and doctors. We notify the nearest neurological units.

?We do everything that we possibly can. The referee did a good job.?

He did and in many ways it was the intervention of Victor Loughlin when he asked the ringside doctor to look at the ever-increasing in size lump in the 10th round, otherwise things could have been a whole lot worse.