Date: 5th May 2016 at 5:12pm
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With the date set in stone for Anthony Joshua?s first defence of the IBF heavyweight crown he ripped off of Prince Charles Martin, a press conference to announce the fight was held in London yesterday.

Taking place at the Hilton Syon Park hotel in London, it turned into an interesting encounter.

With both Joshua and his opponent Dominic Breazeale going head-to-head, Joshua clearly felt the American challenger, who has won all seventeen of his fights, stepped over the line with Joshua remarking to the media afterwards about what everybody had just witnessed,

?He shouldn?t be breathing heavy and staring me down because it?s not worth his time. I?m a respectful person and I shook his hand.

?But when I went to walk off, he was still there looking at me.

?So I thought ? is this guy serious? So I went back over to him. Even when I was looking at him, I was working out what shot I?m going to knock him out with.

?I just wanted to address what the issue was.

?If we?re going to fight, then you shake hands and go away and train. If you?ve got a personal issue, make it known.

?I said ?What?s your problem? We?re here to fight. I?ve probably got his number already.?

For the first time that famous Joshua smile disappeared as the champion looked to rile his challenger and give the American something to think about.

Joshua means business and that?s the way we like it.