Date: 25th September 2013 at 5:06pm
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With rumours doing the rounds that David Haye was not wearing a headguard when he suffered that cut eye in sparring, causing the Haye v Fury fight to be called off, Haye has come forward and put the record books straight.

With the fight now re-scheduled for February 2014, Haye has confirmed that when the injury happened he was wearing a headguard, remarking to the media,

?Those rumours are total rubbish, I was wearing a headguard.?

?It was the same type of headguard I always wear, just as I was wearing the same style sparring gloves I always wear.?

?I had finished sparring with Deontay Wilder and Maruiz Wach the previous week.?

?We then move don to a highly rated Croatian amateur named Filip Hrgovic and Richard Towers stayed on, too.?

?I was sparring with Filip and it was only just as I finished two rounds I felt something in my eye as Adam took out my gum-shield. As he did he realized there was blood in my eyebrow,?

?Adam asked our physio to take a look. All of a sudden there was a lot of blood and my vision had gone where the claret had got in.?

?I was hoping against hope it was just a small nick but, unfortunately it wasn?t. I have not had a cut like that since I fought Giacobbe Fragomeni some seven years ago.?

?Filip was in bits but no one can blame him because these things happen in sport at any level.?

So there we have it, hopefully all the rumours relating to the eye injury can be put to rest!