Date: 25th January 2014 at 11:57am
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Yesterday (Friday) was a strange day!

Around about lunchtime news came through that despite being offered a seven figure sum to take on Carl Froch, in a re-match, George Groves had opted to decline the offer.

More than a little puzzled, I was hanging on to the newsfeed desperate to know why, after wanting the chance to avenge the controversial defeat at the back-end of 2013, Groves had turned down the offer, but news was not forthcoming.

Later in the afternoon, the waters started to become a little clearer when news broke that the IBF had ordered an immediate re-match between their champion Carl Froch and George Groves.

Suddenly the newsfeed was alive, Groves was talking and some sense relating to the earlier rejection was forthcoming.

Although, as the challenger, Groves will only be entitled to 15% of the purse for the re-match, it would seem that Groves was reluctant to accept the earlier off of a seven figure purse because of the terms offered.

More importantly, upping the ante a little and starting the old mind games scenario, Groves remarked to the media,

?I?m happy and proud we?ve managed to get justice.?

?We?re so pleased the IBF have agreed with our appeal. The fight?s certainly going to happen from my perspective. Whether Carl Froch will take the fight or not remains to be seen.?

?He?s dined out for so many years on the fact he?ll fight anyone and he?s not scared to take on any challenge.?

?The only reason it won?t happen is because Carl Froch doesn?t want it and is willing to sacrifice his world title for it. If he doesn?t want this fight then I?m fighting for a world title.?

It?ll certainly be interesting to see if Froch takes up the challenge or pursue that American dream that has been the subject of many a news article recently.

Continuing on the decision to order a re-match, the IBF championships chairman, Lindsay Tucker, clarified matters by remarking,

?We have ordered an immediate re-match. If Froch fails to defend the belt against Groves within the 90-day period starting from January 24, it?s more than likely he will lose his title.?

?The fighters and their teams have a certain amount of time to come to an agreement and if they can?t it will come down to purse bids.?

And with regards to the reason for the ordering of a re-match, Tucker continued,

?The panel felt that in the ninth round, Groves should have been allowed to continue as he did not appear to be seriously hurt.?

Exactly, now let?s get this one on, the whole country is buzzing for it, but are you Carl Froch?