Date: 1st October 2013 at 4:39pm
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This Saturday, at the O2 Arena in London we await to see how Anthony Joshua fares on his professional debut.

There?s no denying that his team have picked a ?live? opponent in the shape of Emanuele Leo, a fighter who has a record most novices would be proud of.

Naturally, Joshua is a little nervous about his professional debut knowing that the eyes of the boxing public will be on him.

But are the nerves getting to him when Anthony admits,

?I?ve not been sleeping well. I?ve been thinking a lot about my first fight because I don?t want it to go badly.?

?Usually I don?t have any trouble nodding off. It?s not so much about me having sweet dreams about winning ? I?ve been having nightmares.?

?I don?t have any trouble getting out of bed in the morning, the alarm goes at six and I am ready to go but once the fight is over? I am kipping, no doubt about it.?

?I just want to put in a good performance and get the ball rolling. I know if I can do it once I can do it twice, three, four times.?

?My pals know they have to stay away right now because I have to get this performance right. I can?t afford to focus on anything else.?

It?s natural to be nervous and we reckon Anthony will show us exactly what he has in his toolbox come Saturday evening.


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  • Those nerves will disappear as soon as he takes a punch on the chin then we’ll se how he’ll respond!

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