Date: 22nd July 2013 at 4:54pm
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An emphatic NO is our answer!

Although many fans of boxing believe that Chisora was on the brink of beating Malik Scott before the controversial sixth round stoppage, our cousins from across the pond believe they were robbed.

The American contingent reckons that their unbeaten heavyweight hope was floored by a rabbit punch and that the referee, Phil Edwards, stepped in far too quickly in stopping the fight.

To that effect, cries are gathering momentum that Chisora should do the decent thing and offer Scott a re-match.

Our opinion is that they should all grow-up, it wasn?t Chisora?s fault the referee stepped in a touch too prematurely and as I?ve mentioned earlier, Chisora was wearing his man down quite effectively.

Also, it won?t be the first or last time an opponent thinks he?s been hard done by and many a travelling fighter has been on the end of a dodgy decision.

But our last word on the subject, as Chisora contemplates moving towards another world title fight, if Scott wasn?t that hurt then surely he should have gotten off his backside before the count got anywhere near nine!


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