Date: 14th June 2015 at 1:34pm
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One of my favourite fighters of all time, Prince Naseem Hamed is set to be inducted into the International Hall of Fame, in Canastota, New York.

Prince Naseem Hamed was a unique fighter, his unpredictable style and his air of aloofness didn?t see him liked by everyone but his ring talent was second to none.

When he first started in the professional game, Naseem stated he would be a world champion by the time he was twenty-one and he did exactly that, stopping Steve Robinson, in Cardiff, on a memorable night in 1995.

Hamed went on to have 36 professional fight and won all but one.

He took his skills to America and was involved in one of the most memroable fights I can recall when he clashed with Kevin Kelley in a thriller at the famous Madison Square Garden.

However, ahead of his induction into the Hall of Fame, Prince Naseem has one regret, the fallout with Brendan Ingle that has seen the pair not speak since.

Talking about that one regret, Prince Naseem has remarked to the media,

?The time I had with Brendan was amazing, priceless. The only thing I?ve wanted, and have been trying for over many years, is to sit with Brendan, to apologise to him, if I upset him, to make up with Brendan as he is getting older.

?I grew up in a gym that taught me the finest of boxing skills and I spent a lot of time with Brendan. I?ve been asking to go and see him for two or three years. It?s one of the only amends I want to make.

?I want to say, ?I?m a father of three and boxing days re gone by the wayside. I would love to make up with you and give you a big hug, I apologise for everything I said or did. I want you to forgive me?.

?In my speech at the Hall of Fame, I want to say that if it wasn?t for Brendan, I wouldn?t have done any of it.?

With Brendan now 74 and Nassem now 41, let?s hope two familiar figures in the fight game can let bygones be bygones and make their peace.