Date: 8th July 2013 at 5:00pm
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In the build up to the re-match between David Price and Tony Thompson, it was mentioned several times that Price would be walking the fine-line.

It was mentioned that a second defeat to the forty-one year-old American wouldn?t just be a huge blow to his hopes of making an impression on the heavyweight scene at a high level but that it could be a career threatening one.

Now, in the aftermath of the fifth round stoppage, something akin to a row has broken out in the price camp.

Lennox Lewis, who cut an imposing figure at ringside, appears to have been cast as the villain by Frank Maloney with Lewis revealing that remarks made on the social networking site, apportioning the blame to the former world champion.

Lewis, stunned into replying has replied to the accusation by remarking,

?Maloney?s blaming ME for this loss? Incredible! I asked for 8 weeks training. He gave me 3?

And comparing the build-up Price was given compared to what Lewis used to go through, Lewis is further quoted as having said,

?I locked myself away in the woods for three months for fights to get away and focus.?

Clearly there is now an element of friction between Lewis and Maloney which considering they enjoyed such a successful era together is a shame.

However, Lewis is keen to continue working with the 30 year-old Price although with the relationship strained between Lewis and Maloney it?s hard to see if that can be the case, although Lewis did give an insight into how Price could retrieve the situation and drag himself out of where he is now, further adding

?We know what we need to fix so we?ll go back to the drawing board and fix it.?

?David is still British champion and that? snot easy to do. He?s a big man in the game.?

?Price took a lot of hard punches and never left his feet,. I think he was just gassed and couldn?t take him out when he had the chance.?

?David is a great guy and he can rebound from this but there are sacrifices that have to be made to take your game to the next level.?

Indeed there is and these now have to be made if Price is to redeem himself.