Date: 26th February 2015 at 4:52pm
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With only a matter of days to go before Tyson Fury climbs into the ring to face Christian Hammer, at the O2 Arena, the unbeaten heavyweight has taken time out to speak to the media.

The 26-year old, waiting for a date with Wladimir Klitschko, has spoken about that old adage we?ve often quoted that relates to one punch can end it all for a heavyweight.

Tyson, who has been on the canvas before, has, perhaps surprisingly, admitted that if he were to get knocked clean out then he?d probably give up the sport, remarking,

?Once you get done over there is no point in carrying on.

?Sure boxers bounce back after a defeat, but are they really the same? Are they really that good?

?I?m not in that position yet to know whether I?d walk away if I got knocked out ? but I would think long and hard.

?It isn?t just about me I have to think about. I have a wife and kids. Do I really need to be taking punishment where I could end up in a wheelchair?

?All the money and titles in the world wouldn?t mean anything because I am sat there drooling from the mouth.?

?When you think you are unbeatable like I do now and get splattered all over the ring, you are not the man you were. You?re a beaten shell of yourself.

?If you get flattened you?re not as good as you thought you were, but if you lose a disputed decision or something goes wrong and you get disqualified, there isn?t much you can do.?

Some comments from Tyson there that, for some, might be offensive but, to others, might just have hit the nail on the head.

Reading between the lines Tyson?s words show just how much confidence and that air of invincibility plays in a fighters development, walking forward towards your opponent feeling that he can?t hurt you can only but spur you on.

But then coming to and finding the count of ten isn?t something that you readily remember must be a shattering experience!