Date: 17th September 2014 at 5:24pm
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There are more rumblings doing the rounds that suggest Amir Khan could very well be Floyd Mayweather?s next opponent.

In fact it is being suggested that a proposed fight, next May, could be held in England, most probably Wembley Stadium.

Teddy Atlas, of ESPN, has had this to say about the matter when asked about who Mayweather will fight next,

?Khan, probably Amir Khan.?

?I don?t know if it?ll be in London or fight here in the home of Floyd Mayweather, where he gets paid a lot of money if you haven?t noticed. He has a contract over his head and 1 or 2 more fights to complete it. He picks his guys pretty good. He?s going to pick Amir Khan, and he can make money with Amir Khan. It?s a big fight in London. Over here it?s not as big, but he can make a lot of money.?

Has Teddy hit the nail on the head?

Is Mayweather preparing to face Amir (next) at Wembley Stadium?

Or will it all go down the plug-hole if Amir doesn?t put in a sparkling performance in his next fight?

Question, questions and more questions!