Date: 15th April 2014 at 4:29pm
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There?s nothing wrong with having ambition in this sport.

Some say it is ambition that drives people on the very pinnacle of this tough game of ours.

But, every so often, along comes somebody that not only has talent I abundance but charisma as well.

Anthony Ogogo is hoping he is one such person.

The 2012 Olympic Bronze medallist is signed to Golden Boy promotions and has been given a place on the under-card of the huge Mayweather v Maidana show on May 3rd.

Talking about his career though, it appears that Ogogo, twenty-five years of age,, has big ambitions with the fighter remarking,

?I want to be massive.?

?I don?t just want to be a boxer, I want to be like Beckham.?

?I want people to think of me as they do Muhamad Ali and Mike Tyson.?

Well there?s nothing wrong with that although it has to be said it?s a long road ahead to reach the dizzy heights those sportsmen reached!