Date: 11th April 2016 at 5:08pm
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The attraction of a top-class, no, a world-class heavyweight, guarantees that a certain breed of celebrities tend to turn up at the big shows.

On Saturday evening, at the O2 Arena, they were there in abundance, ex-boxers, film and soap stars and sportsman at the top of their profession.

But it seems that one celebrity had a last minute urge to attend.

Jose Mourinho decided that although boxing is far from big in his native Portugal, he had to be there.

After having had his picture taken with the ?Special One? Anthony Joshua explained how, without having a ticket prior to the event, Mourinho got in,

?Apparently, all of a sudden he wanted to come – you know how it is with people wanting last-minute tickets.

?They managed to get him a seat. He came on his own I think.

?I walked back to the changing room with him. He congratulated me and said ?Well done?. He?s a cool guy.?

He certainly is, with the big shows? promoter Eddie Hearn further adding,

?We didn?t even know Mourinho was coming. He rocked up at 18:30 and started texting people saying he needed to get in.

?We sorted it out and he came backstage. He queued up to see Josh.?

I bet a similar approach wouldn?t work for me and you!