Date: 16th September 2015 at 4:03pm
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The big opportunity for Tyson Fury to write his name into the history books and in doing so prove many people wrong in becoming the heavyweight champion of the world, draws nearer by the day.

October 24th is a date that has a strange allure to it, the big brash gypsy heavyweight travelling to Germany (Dusseldorf) to take on a champion that reigned supreme for many a year, is a fight that everyone who has ever admitted a liking for boxing will want to see.

But is Wladimir Klitschko going to be finally dethroned of is all the brash talk coming from the Tyson Fury just that, talk?

One fellow British fighter who is of the opinion that October 24th will see the crowning of Tyson Fury as the successor to Waldimir Klitschko, believes that is exactly what will happen.

Kevin Mitchell is of the opinion that Fury?s size, strength and determination will be just too much for the champion who is not too far away from his 40th birthday.

Speaking about the big fight, Mitchell has remarked to Sky Sports,

?I think Fury beats him. I think it?ll be a late knockout or points for Fury. He?s too big and too strong and too angry.

?I was with Tyson the other week in Leeds and had a good chat to him for quite a while.

?I told him that if I didn?t fancy him winning, I?d tell him straight. I think he?s too fresh, young and hungry.?

It promises to be a fascinating fight and one, as it draws nearer, we?ll give our undivided attention to, but can Tyson Fury dethrone the champion, I?ll keep my views to myself for a while yet!