Date: 8th July 2015 at 1:18pm
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Is there any rhyme or reason why somebody so rich should, on the surface, appear to be reluctant to shell out what would be to him a paltry amount?

After earning around £140,000,000 for his recent defence against Manny Pacquiao and in doing so stretch his record to 48-0, Floyd Mayweather has been stripped of the WBO title.

Mayweather who, reportedly, has no qualms about spending £150,000 on a night out, has been stripped of his title after failing to pay the WBO?s sanctioning fee, or the sum of £130,000 to the likes of you and me.

Now you?d think that the WBO would do everything to keep Mayweather as their champion but rules are rules and I guess it is the sanctioning fees that help keep the organisation financially viable.

But one interesting point to ponder over is, would the WBO be brave enough to make Mayweather?s next fight (his last) a final eliminator for their world title?