Date: 23rd April 2015 at 12:00pm
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If Floyd Mayweather, in the build-up to the mega-bout with Manny Pacquiao, was trying to win a popularity contest he might consider firing his advisors.

In the build up, the unbeaten fighter has come up with some quotes relating to Muhammad Ali that have upset followers of one of the most charismatic fighters this planet has witnessed.

At a conference call, on Wednesday, Mayweather best his own drum to boast that he is a superior fighter to Ali, boastfully remarking,

?No disrespect to Muhammad Ali, but he did it one division.?

?There were some other fights he lost and he?s still known as ?The Greatest? because that?s what he put out there. It is what it is.

?He called himself ?The Greatest? and I call myself ?TBE? (The Best Ever). I?m pretty sure I?ll get criticized for what I said but I couldn?t care less.?

Is there anyone else out there, starting to lean towards Manny giving this arrogant so-and-so a good hiding?