Date: 21st February 2015 at 7:05pm
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Only 12 KOs out of 29 wins doesn?t suggest that the UK?s Martin Murray has dynamite secreted in either glove.

He?s no rabbit, but what the St Helens lad means by saying he?s going to bring evil attitude to tonight?s bout against unbeaten Kazakh knockout machine Gennady Golovkin is a bit of a mystery.

Does he means he?s going to slip in a bit of head action? Ear nibbling? Other miscellaneous cheating? Not sure the smiling Golovkin will have lost much sleep over that.

While pundits here in New York don’t quite go along with The Guardian?s Kevin Mitchell when he says that the only thing that might help Murray would be a bazooka, Murray certainly in no way fits ?identikit? compositions of the as-yet-undiscovered fighter who might eventually topple GGG.

One thing everyone does agree on: Martin Murray is not a man who is easily ? if at all ? spooked. He fights behind a very tight and efficient guard which even a world-class headhunter like Golovkin won?t get through at will.

But like a chess grandmaster, the German-based Golovkin has the strategy and the will for every occasion. The fact that 28 of his 31 fights have been KOs can sometimes draw attention away from Golovkin?s debilitating body punching.

Punching that eventually turns even the hardest abs to aspic and makes any opponent?s hands instinctively drop. Shortly followed by the opponent himself.

by Stan Wenners