Date: 24th October 2013 at 6:57pm
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In my younger years I can remember yearning for somebody to break America?s stranglehold on the heavyweight title.

Although I admired the talents of the likes of Ali, Frazier, Norton and Holmes, from the old brigade, I so wanted a Brit to claim the crown. I can recall being at Wembley Stadium when Frank Bruno? charge to glory was ended by Tim Witherspoon and I danced a jig of delight when Lennox Lewis and Frank, another time, claimed a version of the title.

But, in recent years, the emergence of the Klitschko brothers has left me agitated and restless, in what has been a complete about turn I?m now yearning for an American heavyweight king to give the sport the boost it needs and deserves.

Now, previously, I?ve championed the case of Deontay Wilder, I?m longing for his punches to take one of those Ukrainian?s out and let the division enter a new era.

Thankfully, Deontay has the belief to believe that his time has come and on the eve of fighting his 30th fight, against Nicolai Firtha, Wilder has remarked at his press conference, a press conference ahead of Bernard Hopkins latest fight,

?When my name is being announced in the future, everybody that is in that building will stand and applaud, because they will be applauding the heavyweight champion of the world?I?m going to bring it back to America.?

It? a strange world we live in is it not?