Date: 3rd July 2013 at 4:56pm
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At the age of forty-seven, Lennox Lewis still strikes a formidable pose for the cameras.

The ex-heavyweight champion of the world oozes charisma and has an aura about him that only those who achieved greatness have.

At the moment, Lennox is mentoring Liverpool?s David Price as he attempts to comeback from the only loss of his career, to Tony Thompson.

However, Lewis? mere presence on the scene appears to have given Tyson Fury the chance to rattle off a few disparaging remarks about Lennox with tweets sent, via the social network site Twitter, labelling Lewis a bitch and a div for helping price.

Lewis, not normally one to get involved in such spats, has responded though, remarking to the media,

?I keep thinking why would he call me out??

?I met Fury the other day and he was quiet, just like a mouse. When he left me he started opening his mouth.?

?Even if I came back I wouldn?t fight him because he doesn?t have a belt. My dog would eat him for dinner.?

?He has never seen anything like me. He is nothing to me.?

?Who us he? He?s just a loud mouth and with no respect. And guys with no respect don?t last long in this game.?

Whilst trying not too chuckle too loudly, I find it hard t disagree with anything Lewis is reported to have said, but please Lennox, don?t use that word comeback, you?ve done your stint, had unrivalled success and you can look back on a career that few will ever match.


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