Date: 12th July 2013 at 12:22pm
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Is there a fine line between promoting a forthcoming fight and crossing that line whereby boxers just spout trash-talk?

It?s a question that I?ve pondered many a time and I?m hoping that you may be able to offer a response or two.

With it being announced that two giants of our heavyweight division will collide at the Manchester Evening News Arena, on September 28th, it hasn?t taken long for the two pugilists involved to start deriding each other.

Naturally tickets need to be sold (although I?m of the opinion that this fight will sell its self out in hours) and the publicity machine has been cranked up with both fighters trying to score points.

David Haye, the more experienced of the two fighters on the world stage, believes that his punching power will see Tyson Fury knocked out, punching power that saw his last opponent, Dereck Chisora, taken out.

Speaking about that punch, Haye started the ball rolling, remarking,

?If Fury leaves himself open to that particular shot, he is going to taste it and then taste the canvas dust.?

?I will call him Dyson Fury for this fight ? he is going to be sucking up the canvas dust on September 28th.?

I?m not quite sure that the second line was really needed, but then again, taking a look at what Tyson Fury has unleashed as his first broadside across the bows of Haye, I think you?ll agree the level of banter dipped to an unacceptable level with Fury spouting forth,

?I?m glad this little bitch Haye has signed the contract. He?s a little tart and I?m surprised he?s actually here.?

?He?s nothing but a little girl who is interested in nothing but fame and fortune.?

?I don?t give a **** about celebrity lifestyle but he does. I?m just interested in fighting- and he?s going to get sparked out.?


I?d say that?s trash-talk at its worst and talk that could, very well; come back to haunt Fury, plus talk that you have to question really serves any purpose other than tilt the balance of public favour further towards Haye.

But, continuing to promote his huge, but approaching on the infamous, self belief, Fury is also quoted as having remarked,

?I?m the name on everyone?s tongue and Haye is the one stinking places out. This could be his last fight.?

Do you know anybody who would agree with that last comment or is Tyson verging on the border of becoming delusional?

Personally as the fight approaches I dread to think to what level the trash-talk will descend!


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