Date: 10th October 2013 at 4:36pm
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At the age of forty-eight, is Lennox Lewis really thinking of making a comeback?

Well I, for one, seriously hope not!

But this morning, in the tabloid press, there are muttering that would seem to indicate that the former heavyweight champion of the world could be tempted to do so if the money on the table was right.

It appears that Lennox is being asked by a Russian group to make a comeback and has been offered £30 million to do so.

Retorting, Lennox has indicated that it would take £60 million for him to step back into the ring again, remarking in the reference tabloid,

?The offer from a Russian group wasn?t a joke, it was very real.?

?They asked me, ?Is there a comeback? Will it take £30 million??

?I said, ?No?. it would be £60 million?. They are now thinking about it.?

?There is an awful lot of money around in that country for high-profile sports events. I retired as the heavyweight champion of the world ? that is my legacy. If they want me to risk it, then the price is £60 million.?

But Lennox that was some time ago, time has moved on and time, as the saying goes, spares no man.

Continuing though, Lennox adds further fuel to the fire by adding,

?How long would it take me to get ready? Six months.?

?I?d use the tried and trusted methods that got me into shape before. I?d go back to the Pocono mountains at Scotrun. That I show you get results.

?You have to take yourself away somewhere remote and work hard.?

?As for an opponent I?ve already beaten Vitali Klitschko so I would rather go after his brother Wladimir.?

I sincerely hope that Lennox is having some kind of jest with the media, although George Foreman regained the heavyweight title at the grand old age of 45, does Lennox want to risk all that acclaim built up during a hugely successful career in the hope that what is left in the tank would be good enough to hold aloft a world title belt at the grand old age of forty-eight?

Its utter madness and Lennox, if he is tempted, should take a long hard look in the mirror, take a good look, smile wryly and simply ask himself why he?d want to try and do something that, when he was in his prime, came as second nature and I hope the answer would be a resounding NO!