Date: 6th December 2015 at 1:53pm
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In Carshalton last night, the local fighter Lenny Daws was hoping to become the European super-lightweight champion.

Matched against the Spanish fight Ruben Nieto, those who paid their ticket money, as well as those who tuned in on Channel 5; were enjoying a fight that could have gone either way when it was ended in a controversial manner.

With both boxers displaying the spoils of war there was what appeared to be an accidental clash of heads. Nieto came out of the clash far worse than Daws with blood pumping out of a huge gash to his head.

On the advice of the ringside doctor the fight was stopped and Laws believed that he?d become the new champion.

However, the referee had other ideas and walked over to Laws to inform him that he?d been disqualified for a head-butt.

Laws, speaking to the media after the controversial ending, remarked,

‘I’m gutted. We’ve both come in. We’ve clashed heads. The doctor said he can’t continue. And the ref decided to disqualify me. He said it was intentional. It wasn’t intentional.’

Whereas the promoter, Mick Hennessey, was much more forthright with his opinion on the decision, commenting,

?That referee is so incompetent. He’s useless.

?The doctor actually stopped the fight. Then the dopey referee comes over and says, you’re disqualified.?

Common sense would suggest that a re-match will be ordered but then again this is boxing we?re talking about!