Date: 30th October 2013 at 5:17pm
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Although there has been no contract signed and it remains all speculation as to whether Amir Khan will get to climb into the ring with the legend that is Floyd Mayweather Junior, Amir, as Blackadder once announced, has a cunning plan.

Apparently, the lad from Bolton has been paying close attention to Mayweather and reckons he?s come up with the solution to finally ending the unbeaten run the American boxer has accumulated.

Talking to the media, Amir is quoted as having remarked,

?With Floyd if you are going to be a puncher, you?re going to walk towards him and you?re going to walk into his shots.?

?To fight Floyd, you have to box him at his own game. You have to use speed, good footwork. Make them old legs move.?

It all sounds so easy, until Floyd starts to cut down the ring size, push you bag and catch you with those counter-punches.

But, if Amir does get the chance to mix with one of the best the world of Boxing, it?ll be exciting to see if he can execute the plan he reckons will work and if it?ll be successful.