Date: 22nd May 2013 at 4:54pm
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The war of words relating to George Groves helping Mikkel Kessler in sparring for the upcoming fight with Carl Frock continues.

After George had defended himself against accusations of being something akin to a traitor, Kessler has stepped forward and given his views on what has taken place with the Dane remarking,

?Everybody seems to have forgotten I am half English and my mum lives in Salisbury with my brother.?

?I?ve had some Polish sparring partners too. Froch is part Polish ? does that mean they have been disloyal to him by sparring with me??

?It was purely a boxing decision to get Groves and Nathan Cleverley to come to Denmark to spar me.?

?There was nothing sinister. We could have been afraid to use George of Nathan as they might have passed on tips to Froch.?

?I wasn?t trying to get into Carl?s head, there is no need.?

It all seems fair enough to me.

But moving on, Kessler, with refreshing honesty, explains why he?s prepared to come to England to fight Froch having already beaten him over in Denmark, commenting,

?I said I would give Carl a rematch.?

?Carl was in Denmark last time so I have to go and fight him in England and show I am a man, not a chicken.?

The war of words continues in what is looking more and more like a real humdinger this Saturday evening.


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