Date: 15th April 2018 at 12:00pm
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The heavyweight scene is buzzing again and its intensity has further grown following the announcement that Tyson Fury will return to the ring on 9 June, in Manchester.

But, although Deontay Wilder might suggest otherwise, it is Anthony Joshua who is the biggest name in the heavyweight division at the moment.

The Watford fighter holds the WBA, WBO and IBF versions of the world heavyweight titles and fills arenas the size of which the others can only dream of doing so.

Aware of the clamour to take on Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, Joshua has had a few words for the media.

Remarking about Tyson Fury, Joshua had this to say about the former world champion,

?If Fury wants to fight me next, he can fight me next.

?If he wants to fight ten fights down the line, he can do that as well.

?I?m the flag-bearer, the best heavyweight champion out there now.

?The ones who are scared to step up talk a good game but don?t really back it up so I get bored of it. When Fury?s ready we?ll make it big, we?ll make it fun.

?With or without Fury, my career will go on.

?I?ll keep on doing this for another ten years and then I?m done.?

And as for the brash-speaking American WBC world title holder, Joshua added,

?When Wilder?s ready, we?ll make it big, we?ll make it fun.

?With or without Wilder my career will go on.

?If Wilder was as serious as he says he is he would jump at the opportunity.

?Wilder?s had forty fights. The fans are fed up, so he has to make a move.

?That fight will happen sometime. But my career isn?t based around him.?

Which to us, here at Vital Boxing, would seem to indicate that a fight against Wilder of Fury isn?t, currently, high on Joshua?s agenda.


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