Date: 6th May 2015 at 7:33pm
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This Saturday, in Birmingham, our bright heavyweight hope, Anthony Joshua, returns to the ring.

It is a busy month for the heavyweight with Joshua set to also fight again at the end of the month.

On Saturday, he faces Rafael Zumbano Love whilst at the end of the month the respected American, Kevin Johnson, they are fights the British public expect the gold medal Olympian to win.

But whilst Joshua is tipped for the very top, the fighter has reminded those same folk that his progress is subject to a plan and he?ll not be rushed with Joshua remarking,

‘I will do things my way, I have from the start and I will continue to do that.

‘Everyone wants to fight me and I want to fight everyone, but I can’t fight them all at once, this is not WWE wrestling, this is boxing – we’ll do it at the right time and one at a time.

‘Rounds aren’t essential to me – Deontay Wilder proved that you don’t need to go rounds to do it when it matters. Everyone trains hard, so it’s all mental and depends who you are facing.’

Here at Vital Boxing we expect Joshua to blow away Love but Johnson could be a much harder task and give us a big clue as to just how good Joshua can become.