Date: 3rd January 2015 at 11:01am
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The manner in which those who purport to control our sport compile their rankings is something that has always been open to debate,

We?re under no illusion that the ratings are manipulated to speed up fighters progress and allow them to, how we might say, queue jump.

Now we?re definitely not insinuating that sort of thing has gone on in the case we?re about to discuss, but, like many others, were somewhat perplexed that Anthony Joshua has been installed as the #8 rated fighter in the WBC world heavyweight ratings.

Yes, we?re of the opinion that Joshua does have a fine career ahead of him and that he has been impressive in the ten fights he has had since turning professional some fourteen months ago, but his current rating entitles him to a shot at the World Champion and you?d have to ask yourself is Joshua ready for that.

Installation as the #8 rated fighter has even surprised his own promotional team with Eddie Hearn remarking to a leading tabloid,

?I was surprised when the WBC put Josh in the top ten.

?But he is wise enough to know he has a long way to go before fighting for the world title.?

He may well do but this sudden leap up the rankings will, no doubt, heighten his exposure and the danger is he?ll be lured, before he?s really ready, into a fight just to satisfy the media cravings.