Date: 17th December 2016 at 8:56am
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One piece of news that we didn?t cover in midweek, probably because of a lack of time, was the proposed return to action of Chris Eubank Jnr.

But it?s not the choice of opponent for the fighter that has caused me to comment but the fact that Team Eubank have the front to announce that his latest fight is set to be broadcast on something called ITV PPV.

Now I?m obviously a big boxing fan, otherwise I wouldn?t sit here tapping away on my keyboard for hours on end, but I surely can?t be the only fan who is getting fed up with being fleeced by the broadcasting companies.

Like most in this land of ours I have a limited amount of disposable income, income that courtesy of prices rising faster than wages is continually shrinking.

With my disposable income I?ve already committed to paying for Sky Sports so that I can watch the sport I love on a regular basis. However that same income doesn?t stretch to subscribing to Box Nation, as it?ll only stretch so far.

I also, when the occasion arises hit the necessary buttons to buy a Sky Sports PPV broadcast but I?m damned if I?m going to be held to ransom by the addition of events on another PPV channel because everybody is, in my opinion, starting to extract the urine.