Date: 8th December 2013 at 10:27am
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It?s a question that many Boxing fans are asking.

Having lost his IBF middleweight crown to Felix Sturm, in Stuttgart, on Saturday night, questions are being asked as to whether the reported dislocated hip Barker suffered could see him forced into retirement.

Barker?s injury problems have been well documented in the past with the fighter having had operations on both hips and surprising everybody by climbing back into the ring to become a world champion, but following the events of last night his long-term trainer, Tony Sims, suspects this could be the end with Sims quoted as having remarked, post-fight,

?I don?t think you will see him in the ring again. He had had problems with his hip before.?

?We are going to take him to the hospital for an X-ray. His hip went in the first round when he threw a punch.?

?And when he went down in the second round, I could see he couldn?t move properly and that?s why I threw in the towel.?

Another to voice an opinion in the immediate aftermath of the fight was Eddie Hearn with the promoter commenting,

?To lose like that, especially after what he has been through, is devastating.?

?I?m not sure of the severity of the injury and I will need to check with Darren if a comeback is something that eve he wants to do.?

?He?s had five or six serious injuries that could have finished his career.?

?Does he want to go through all that again? I don?t know. It looked a year ago that Darren Barker would never fight again but he has won a world title which is more than we can ever have dreamed of.?

Voicing my own opinion, I reckon that Darren will graciously decide to call it a day, but if he does he leaves a wonderful legacy, who will ever forget that August night in Atlantic City when the referee announced?.

And the new?????.,

a wonderful lad, a wonderful fighter and a wonderful memory.