Date: 21st May 2014 at 4:32pm
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In less than two weeks time, 80,000 boxing fans will pack into Wembley Stadium, the highest attendance for a fight night in the United Kingdom, to witness Carl Froch and George Groves engage in pugilistic combat.

Opinion remains divided as to which of the two boxers, in this re-match, will emerge the victor. However, as you?d expect, both fighters remain extremely confident.

Ahead of the promotion, and as the atmosphere starts to build, George Groves has stepped forward and wasted no time in telling the world just how he thinks it?ll all end, with Saint George remarking to those willing to listen,

?I think it will be three rounds but my trainer is talking five. They say you should never go against your coach but there is always a first time.?

?It doesn?t really matter how Carl wants to approach this fight. He will as always be forced to perform the way I force him to.?

?If Froch wants to start cautiously and hope to get me late ? he?s already spoken about how he will knock me out in the later part of the fight ? he?s wrong.?

?That is just something for him to hang on to. If he does have a win in the late rounds strategy, he?d better think again because I won?t be tiring.?

Has George Groves called this one right or is he in for a rude awakening?

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