Date: 25th August 2013 at 11:23am
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September 28th and the mega-clash between David Haye and Tyson Fury will soon be upon us.

As the countdown continues we can expect the ?war of words? to increase, however David Haye seems fairly certain that the contest will only end one way ? in a knockout victory for him.

In fact the former heavyweight champion is confident that the fight will end exactly when he wants it to with the Hayemaker telling the media,

?I?ll take him out when I want to take him out in this fight.?

?There?s no way this can go the distance at all, no way he can take the kind of abuse I?m looking to dish out for 12 rounds.?

?Just like I said for Dereck Chisora, just like I said for Audley Harrison, the fight will end exactly when I want it to end, not a minute sooner not a minute later.?

?He doesn?t quite get that. He probably genuine believes deep down that he?s going to win, and genuinely thinks he?s the greatest.?

?But he got put down in his last fight and was in all sorts of trouble against Steve Cunningham, who was a non-puncher at cruiserweight.?

Here at Vita Boxing, we await a response from Tyson Fury, we?re sure it won?t be too long in coming!