Date: 11th December 2014 at 6:52pm
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As Amir Khan?s fight with Devon Alexander draws nearer, Eddie Hearn has already started to sow the seeds with regards to an IBF welterweight fight with his charge Kell Brook.

Hearn, like many of us, is of the opinion that Amir is wasting his time hanging his hopes on a 2015 showdown with Floyd Mayweather Junior and that the Bolton fighter should sign up for a domestic tear up with his rival from Sheffield.

Talking to the media, Hearn had this to say about Mayweather, Khan and Brook, remarking to the media,

?I just don?t see Floyd Mayweather Junior fighting Amir Khan when it?s a tough fight for Mayweather stylistically.?

?I just can?t see it and if that?s the case, Amir Khan is left with a fight with Kell Brook.?

?The only problem is agreeing the purse split. Kell Brook is a world champion, Amir Khan is the bigger name, so I think 50-50 is right. But Amir Khan doesn?t agree it?s a 50-50 split.?

?It would make him more money than fighting Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather doesn?t like paying opponents more than $2 million, so what?s Khan going to get – $3 million, $4 million tops? He can make much more fighting Kell Brook.?

?Both guys could earn in excess of £3 million each and I?ve already offered Khan $5 million for the fight. He said no and said who was I to offer him a purse??

?If they want to make an offer go ahead. I don?t care if it?s promoted by Matchroom, Oscar De La Hoya or Sid Snott.?

?I just want to see Kell Brook knockout Amir Khan and make a lot of money.?

?It?s a natural Wembley fight and it?s just his ego getting in the way.?

Yes Wembley does seem to be the natural venue but I also feel that Brook needs Khan more than Khan needs Brook.

Will it happen?

Yes, but quite probably on Khan?s terms, sometime at the back end of next summer once Mayweather announces he?s going to lock horns with Manny Pacquiao.