Date: 1st May 2017 at 1:01pm
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Saturday night, at Wembley Stadium, was an event and a half.

Organising an event whereby 90,000 tickets have to be sold and also getting the involvement of the American TV stations as well as in excess of over one hundred more countries willing to show the fight, must have given Eddie Hearn sleepless nights.

No wonder Eddie looked a little nervous early on Saturday evening.

There was also the risk that the biggest money-generating fighter in Hearn?s stable could be beaten, something Hearn was acutely aware of when he remarked,

?I must say this was one of the few fights that I have been involved with that there was not a definite plan of what I?d be working on come Monday morning.?

A Joshua win would provide Hearn, on Monday, the opportunity to move his heavyweight to another level, whilst Hearn knew a defeat would mean going back to the beginning to rebuild Joshua?s career.

As it turned out Hearn is now left to plot the future for the most charismatic and genuine heavyweight fighter in the division.

Talking to the media, about possible fight destinations for Joshua, Hearn is quoted as having remarked,

?Madison Square Garden is New York is another possibility and while it is nowhere near as big as many other venues, the pull of the place is because of its fight history.

?Much closer to home is the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, another big capacity venue that has already staged boxing when Joe Calzaghe twice fought there.

?Anthony?s parents are Nigerian and he would love to fight out there. Saturday Wembley, tomorrow the world.?

There are some exciting and exhilarating nights out there for Joshua but let?s not forget that Britain does it best, just recall the splendour, glamour and excitement of 90,000 packed into the most iconic venue this country has.