Date: 30th March 2016 at 5:00pm
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Okay I may have had a pop at David Haye for his choice of opponent for his second comeback fight, but I?ve nothing but admiration for the gesture he announced during his press conference.

The plight of Nick Blackwell has touched us all, his bravery on Saturday night was above and beyond the call of duty and the fact that he?s lying in an induced coma in a hospital bed is something we never like to see.

There?s no knowing what affect the fight on Saturday night will have on his future, although we must stress we?re hoping that he makes a full recovery and the medical staff have given us no indication that he won?t.

However, boxers are a unique breed, combative in the ring but a close-knit community out of it.

Therefore, it is great to see that David Haye has announced that he?s generating 10% of money made from ticket sales for his fight against the Kosovan boxer Arnold Gjergjaj. With the O2 Arena set to be full to capacity, it should represent a tidy sum coming the way of the stricken Nick Blackwell.