Date: 12th February 2014 at 4:34pm
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If David Haye is going to return to action, after his shoulder operation, it looks like it is going to be a long road back.

Haye, the former heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion, has five hours of surgery on his shoulder to repair tendon damage and it appears that after three months of recuperation Haye isn?t able to run yet let alone throw a punch in anger.

Talking about the effects the five hour operation has had, Haye has remarked to the media,

?You talk to 10 doctors, 50 per cent say you can make a recovery and 50 per cent say, ?no you?re done, you?ll never be able to throw a punch again otherwise your arm will fall out of its socket.?

?It?s just down to how long the rehab takes. No one knows how it?s going to take, no one knows how it?s going to heal.?

?At the moment I can?t throw a punch, so hopefully in a few months I?ll be able to throw one.?

?My shoulders bad enough that I can?t even run yet. That shows how far I am from being able to punch.?

My immediate thoughts are that Haye should simply retire, although a great servant to the sport, there?s apathy in the air surrounding any potential fights after the two cancellations of fights lined up against Tyson Fury.

Would you pay money in advance for a Haye fight knowing it might, for a third time, not happen?