Date: 23rd November 2013 at 1:11pm
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Yesterday, in a popular tabloid, whilst I was out and about for twenty-four hours, there was an article about David Haye that gave the clearest indication yet that his boxing career was over.

Haye, now recuperating from the 5 hour operation, on his right shoulder, gave comments that, I believe, indicate that his career is far from over with the former heavyweight champion remarking,

?That?s it. It?s all over for me as far as boxing is concerned.

?And I am absolutely gutted for the fans. I never wanted it to end like this.?

?I?ve heard all the conspiracy theories out there and that?s all they are ? theories.?

?Sometimes the truth is boring and harder for some people to believe.?

?I still believe fighting Fury would have been an easy night?s work for me. But we will never know.?

?I have accepted retirement in my head now. There is no chance of me coming back unless someone out there can come up with some kind of medical miracle that will allow me to throw my trademark Hayemaker punch.?

?I have been told by a specialist there is a strong possibility the first right hand punch I throw could shred my shoulder again.?

With his career now over, our belief is that somebody as articulate as Haye will have no trouble moving into a role relating to Boxing punditry, or could some opportunity to get involved in promoting / managing arise?