Date: 17th September 2013 at 4:55pm
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As the big fight, in Manchester on September 28th looms large on the horizon, the war of words has commenced again.

David Haye, many pundits tip to emerge the winner on the night, has had a few words to say about Fury?s possible strategy, remarking,

?If Fury is relying on size and strength to win this fight he?s in for a rude awakening.?

?Fury might be taller and heavier, but that doesn?t mean he?s stronger than me.?

?And it certainly doesn?t mean he hits harder than me.?

?In fact, I?m pretty sure, based on our track records, that one of my shots will do twice the damage of one of his.?

Hayes does, off course, have experience of fighting someone substantially bigger than him as it was against the giant Nikolai Value, who stood seven feet two inches tall, against whom Haye took the world title, with Haye adding,

?I?m used to fighting taller opponents at heavyweight.?

?I?ve been in there with a few of them in my time, including Wladimir Klitschko, the number one in the world, so I know what I?m up against.?

?How many little guys with quick hands, quick feet and fight-ending power has Fury faced in his career? It doesn?t take a maths genius to figure out the answer.?

So will speed be the key?

Will Haye look to get his fast punches off leaving Fury struggling to reply?