Date: 15th October 2013 at 1:09pm
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Now it has been announced that David Price, a heavyweight who now needs to desperately resurrect his career, has signed up to be managed by Adam Booth, it hasn?t taken long for both men to speak about the liaison.

Price, a six feet eight inch heavyweight who has the physique to go all the way, if only he could avoid soaking up a barrage of punches that fell him has remarked,

?It?s a fresh start. I can leave behind what has happened but know that I?ve learnt from it.?

Whilst Booth has remarked,

?He punches harder than anyone I?ve ever taken on the pads.?

?Price has enough power to knock out anybody in the division.?

Taking a look at the quotes from both men, it could be said that Price believes all his problems have been left behind him in Liverpool but whilst accepting that a change in trainer can kick-start a fighter?s career, it often takes time, introducing a new methodology to a fighter who has been schooled in one manner can be a time-consuming task.

Also, whilst Booth may publically declare that Price hits harder than anyone else he?s faced, on the pads, there?s always that worry, lurking below the surface, that Price can be dismantled just like Tony Thompson has proven this year.

Here at Vital Boxing we?d like to wish both men well but we fear that Thompson may have done more harm to Price?s career than many realize!


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