Date: 14th February 2014 at 11:43am
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The reason why George Groves was awarded, by the IBF, a re-match against Carl Froch, was the apparent early stoppage orchestrated by the referee, Howard Foster, on the night.

Whilst we may never know if Froch was about to finish his man or whether Groves was slipping more punches than he was shipping, will always remain debateable.

However, after the announcement that the-rematch was to take place on May 31st, at a venue still to be decided, Groves had a few things to say about the official that night in Manchester, remarking,

?I don?t bear a grudge against anyone, least of all Howard Foster, who some rate as an exceptional referee.?

?Life is too short for that kind of thing.?

?There?s no need for him to be punished for the rest of his life but there are some questions I need answering.?

?I would ask him to give me an honest answer and tell me fact to face whether he made a genuine mistake or if he still feels that he made the right decision. I thought he made a terrible decision and the indications are he agreed because he resigned from the IBF.?

?I?d love to hear it from him but I don?t think I am ever going to.?

I was tempted to try and avoid the Howard Foster situation in the coverage of yesterday?s announcement but when it would appear his decision is the main reason why the re-match was ordered by the IBF there was never really a chance to do that was there.

On the situation of admitting he made an error, I doubt whether George will ever get to hear what he wants, instead George must correct any errors he believe were made, in the ring when he comes face to face with Froch again.