Date: 10th January 2014 at 4:10pm
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November 2013 seems a long time ago, even more so now that we?re in 2014, but one man is still trying to gain some justice his performance, on a Saturday night, deserves.

On this particular night, in Manchester, you?d have been hard-pressed to find anybody who wouldn?t have voted for a re-match between Carl Froch and George Groves, but some two months on, we?re met with a deathly silence when it comes to the subject.

Yesterday, George Groves attended the film premiere of the latest fight movie to hit the big-screen Grudge Match, a film starring two legends in Stallone and De Niro.

At the film premiere, George spoke (to the media) about petitioning the IBF next week to get that much deserved re-match, remarking,

?I can?t wait to have my own grudge match although Froch seems extremely reluctant to get in the ring with me again.?

?I?m not trying to get the result made null and void. But I believe the way the fight was stopped was contentious.?

?I?m not saying anything underhand but lots of fight fans and pundits have questioned the decision-making that led to the bout being stopped too early.?

?That should be enough to force the IBF?s hand.?

You?d hope so but we all know that those who run this fantastic sport of ours move in mysterious and sometimes demonic ways, if Grove sis successful in his mission, and I hope he truly is, I?ll be most surprised!